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  • Does Medicare pay for accessibility products?

    • Unfortunately, no. Medicare does not consider an access product durable medical equipment, thus will not cover the cost of one.

  • Does any other health insurance pay for accessibility products?

    • Unfortunately, no, for the same reasons as Medicare.

  • Does my long-term care insurance policy pay for accessibility products?

    • Possibly. If your policy has a “home modification” clause or something similar, you may be able to get your access product covered. Contact the company that holds your policy and discuss the topic with them to find out for sure.

  • Will a stair lift fit on my stairs?

    • Most likely, yes. The staircases in the vast majority of homes we visit can accommodate a stair lift without any structural modifications to the home. The most critical dimension to consider is the width of the stairwell. If the narrowest point of your stairs has a clear width of at least 32 inches, it will likely accommodate a lift. There are other considerations to make, like obstructions at the top or bottom of the stairs, but our team would need to see and/or measure the stairs to address any of these concerns.

  • How much do accessibility products cost?

    • Pricing varies based on your needs, as everything we do is custom for you and your home or vehicle. We provide preliminary pricing over the phone and then provide a formal estimate upon home or vehicle evaluation.

  • I have a short-term need. Can I rent accessibility products?

    • Yes, some products are available to rent. Call your local branch to learn about which products are available for rent as well as pricing.